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Where is Karl Rove? Part 3

If you are looking for Karl Rove you will find him hiding in plain sight. He shows his face in Washington, he shows his face among the “conservative elite”, he even shows himself at political rallies. But whenever he is required to show up at the House Judiciary Committee, whenever he is asked to set the record straight, and whenever he is asked to tell the truth, he hides. He hides behind “executive privilege” although that no longer applies to him.

Where is Karl Rove? If “Joe Public” was guilty of the same things that haunt Mr. Rove, I venture to say that Mr. Public would be behind bars. I do not know if Karl Rove is afraid of the truth but he certainly is avoiding it at all costs. A voice is calling from Washington, calling out like a haunting apparition, calling for Karl to come on in and face the music and tell the truth. They say that the truth will set you free; then why do lies, particularly the lies of Karl Roves, not condemn and imprison justly?