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Palin’s Apocalypse

Many people have an idea on how the world is going to end and have started preparing for this day to come. One of these people that is questionable on it is Sarah Palin. Some wonder if Sarah Palin believes in an Antichrist. Sarah Palin has been described as following the Pentecostal religion. Although, her website features many videos about the world coming to an end and various sermons from a world renowned apocalypse preacher, but no one is really sure what she believes in or what her religion is. This is mainly because no one has ever outright asked her belief system on it.

She has been seen preaching and asking for prayers for God’s will on things such as the Iraq war being a task God sent forth to asking people to pray for God to allow pipe lining in Alaska. She has given many interviews about wars with Russia and nuclear strikes on Israel and how she feels about it, but many wonder if she is basing her feelings on her religious beliefs since many of them coincide with that of self fulfilling prophecies. With the upcoming election in 2008, people wonder if anyone will ask her.