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Foreclosed Mother Keeps Home… For Now

This YouTube video is about the tragedy of a hard working woman, Jocelyn Voltaire, who is about to loose her home. This comes at a time when she has just lost her son, a soldier, who was killed in Iraq. On the day she went to court to learn her fate, a grassroots organization came to her rescue with donations to pay her mortgage.

This organization, Code Pink, raised close to $30,000 dollars for Jocelyn through their online fund raising. They presented Jocelyn with the check, on her front porch, as she was leaving for court. Code Pink is a group of mostly women who advocate for peace. They also bring to light causes for women’s issues in business, courts, and health.

The video also explores the Litton Loans Services practice of foreclosing on homes in the poor economic times and allegations that they use “abusive practices.” As the video unfolds it is learned that The Litton Loans Services was bought by Goldman Sachs. There is a discussion about how Goldman Sachs quietly bought out the company and the information was buried in their reports.
At the end Jocelyn represents the plight of thousands of people in this country.