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Foreclosed Home Front: One Mother’€™s Struggle

Jocelyn Voltaire, originally a part of a report done by ANP about struggling locals of Hempstead, New York, is losing her home. Jocelyn, who moved to the United States from Haiti, resides in Queens Village. She worked three jobs to put herself through college and make a life for her family, and she saved a down payment for this home, which she purchased over 20 years ago. Jocelyn fell victim to a predatory loan scam that more than doubled her monthly mortgage payment, causing her to go into foreclosure. The loan was offered by Litton Loan Servicing, which is owned by Goldman Sachs. This financial company has been in the center of the economic crisis, with its CEO, Lloyd Blankfein, being the best paid CEO of 2007.

In addition to facing foreclosure, Jocelyn lost her oldest son, a Marine, to the war in Iraq. Without the money he was sending to help with the increased mortgage, she could no longer afford the payments.

As her home faces imminent sale at auction, an online support base has been trying to assist her in keeping the house. Unfortunately, her story is not unique, as thousands others face the same challenges every day.