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Chaos Looms Over Pennsylvania Vote

In the 2008 Presidential election, residents of Philadelphia Pennsylvania experienced a plethora of problems when it came to voting. Many voters experienced disheartening issues such as machines being broken, extremely long wait lines that lasted until 3am or 4am for many, and Constitution rights being infringed upon because of refusal to let residents vote.

Residents took their concerns to the council and requested a voting reform, but were told that it was not going to happen. The council proceeded to say that this was all propaganda created by the media in order to make money and that none of this occurred. The council then went on to say that if people could wait in longs for hours or overnight for concerts, movies, or sporting events, then there is no reason they can not wait in line in order to vote in an election.

The residents then filed a lawsuit against the state of Pennsylvania and asked for there to be paper ballots as a form of backup in case a machine happens to break and to cut down lines. The Supreme Court ruled in favor of the residents and added paper ballots as an alternative way for voters to vote.