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Muslim McCain Fans Confront Intolerance At Rally

The video shows how zealotry obscures the truth. The man depicted in the video has a clear agenda to denounce Muslims and then candidate Barack Obama. The unfortunate part is many McCain supporters got drawn into the propaganda he spewed. They listened and argued with him giving oxygen to his fire.

John McCain and his camp clearly had nothing to do with the fanatic views in the video. In the back ground John McCain is seen shaking hands surrounded by supporters. The rally is loud and this man infiltrates to spread his message of hate. A member of McCain’s campaign a Muslim comes out and condemns the man and woman saying they are not part of the campaign. He confronts them and tells them the McCain campaign does not endorse their view.

Some supporters are so agitated by this radical monologue they begin to walk away threatening to change their vote. We cannot allow these opportunists to encompass and taint our space. Do not give them energy by listening and arguing with them. If you support a candidate be sure you allow the candidates record to sustain him not some irrational fanatic that slapped a McCain Palin sticker on his shirt.