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Obama Short List: Inslee for Energy Secretary?

In the first presidential debate back in 2008, Senator Obama told moderator Jim Lehrer that one priority which would need to be pursued, regardless of the budgetary consequences of paying for the financial bailout, was Energy independence. Following the president’s historic election in November 2008, speculation arose as to who would be nominated as Energy Secretary.

One name on the short list was Washington congressman Jay Inslee – a proponent of clean technology as a solution to global warming. Congressman Inslee believes strongly that global warming caused by humans is a well-established fact and that opposition to it is akin to holding onto notions of the Earth being flat.

Inslee’s strongest argument for clean technology is that it would promote job growth, technology exports, energy independence, and fewer wars. His argument states that the Bush administration devoted $3B/yr. to R&D for clean technologies at the same time the defense budget was allocated $84B/yr. to new weapons development. The former budget would promote peace by reducing our need to defend the Middle East while the latter would further entangle the country in the volatile politics of that region. It was Inslee’s belief that increasing the budget for clean technology would bring much needed venture capital to this nation and spur a job boom which would also increase exports to nations such as China. Inslee believed that the 2009 budget would begin to invest more money into R&D for clean technologies.