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Immigration: The Battle for Manassas

In the county of Prince William and the city of Manassas, Virginia there has been a new law that was instituted in 2007 known as the “Rule of Law.” The law was designed to allow search of illegal immigrants to verify they have documentation. If they are undocumented then the county and city have a right to deport through Federal Laws. The law was designed to rid the region of the significant number of undocumented illegals that had flooded the region and were taking away jobs in the area and causing a financial burden to the tax base.

There are pros and cons to this law and the region is still debating. It has been effective in routing out illegals in the region. In fact, many illegal aliens have left the region or have gone into hiding. However, the issue is complex as some of the illegals have helped the farming industry in the region to thrive. However, this is where the case for active for work visas to be in place is prominent. Work Visas allows workers to come into America for a period of time and work. Once their work time is up then they must go back home. This is typical for farmers, and the workers can stay usually from planting to fall harvest. The issue is however an ongoing debate of pros and cons.