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One Soldier’s Suicide: James Jenkins

This is an emotional video on the suicide of an American Marine. This has become a common occurrence with military personnel who have faced the ravages of war-torn places such as Iraq and Afghanistan.

James Jenkins was a top-class Marine. He was so good at his job, the United States Marines sent him back to Iraq a second time. His suicide may have never happened if he would have had proper psychological treatment when arriving home.

This video is from a mom’s perspective. What did James’ Mom see and feel before and after he took his own life? What did James tell her? Why did this happen? “Mom, you will be contacted by the United States Marines,” James told his Mom on the phone one evening. “Why son?” his Mom asked. “I am going to kill myself Mom,” James exclaimed. James was dead not long after and we all really wonder, does our government and armed forces even care?

Before watching this video, it would be a good idea to be prepared mentally and emotionally. Some of the scenes are very graphic. Facts are facts, and this is happening to many of our young people who have served our country. What can we do to keep people like James from committing suicide?

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