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Will the Electric Vehicle Power Our Economy?: An EV Roundup

Will the electric vehicle power the new economy that is coming in the next few years? If top auto manufacturers have anything to say about it, we will definitely be looking at a brand-new way of thinking when it comes to energy consumption. There are innovations coming down the pike from Volkswagen, BMW and Audi as well as Google.


Google Cars Drive Themselves, Test Wireless Charging


As the leader in technology in general, Google has finally perfected the self driving vehicle. Although these vehicles will not be available to the general public for some time, they represent some very innovative and exciting new technologies that are quickly being proven quite easy to incorporate into society. Among these innovations is a new kind of wireless charging that does not put municipalities at a disadvantage for using electric vehicles. When cities stop losing money, they have a huge incentive to move into the electric vehicle space, a move that has been long overdue for much of society.


Shares of Tesla Down


One might think that Tesla would be the main company that is benefiting from all of the new excitement about electric vehicles. As a matter of fact, their shares are down, which is actually a good thing. Any of Tesla’s competition would only increase their electric, hybrid, and driverless innovations, speeding up the implementation of them into society. As a side note, just because shares of Tesla are down does not mean that the company is going bankrupt or even losing money. They are still very much in the race to bring new technologies into the electric vehicle market.


The New Volkswagen Electric Vehicle


Volkswagen is perhaps the first major car company to introduce a fully electric vehicle into the market. The new Volkswagen EV is not quite the cosmetic experience that people would enjoy, but it definitely has all of the features that one would expect from a New Age vehicle.


BMW Emergency Vehicles


BMW focused on providing emergency vehicles with electric capabilities to help first responders become more efficient. This company will soon move into the electric vehicle market for everyday consumers. The efficiency of their emergency vehicles lends a great deal of excitement to the possibilities for their commercial vehicles.


The Audi H-Tron


As perhaps the first electric vehicle that combines a great look with a fully functional electric infrastructure, the Audi H-Tron is set to become the number one vehicle that is fully electric and also fully able to be called a luxury item.


Once the electric vehicle becomes a more accepted form of transportation for the general public, it is difficult to see how societies will continue to proliferate the importance of oil and gas above renewable energies. Aside from being a better model for transportation, the electric vehicle may also become quite the political tool for leverage into a new and better form of energy consumption for the human race.


The use of renewable energy is growing around the world. Many experts now estimate that 10 percent of the energy that is used in the civilized world is now renewable (source), which is up from five percent in 2013. The trend does not seem to be reversing itself anytime soon.


Let us hope that all of the initiatives from these established car companies are successful. They will provide a better way for people to travel using renewable energy. More importantly, they will finally remove the hold that the oil and gas industry have over general society as the preferred way to power our mechanical toys.