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Kucinich Gets His Day

United States Representative, Dennis J. Kucinich, discusses his stand regarding his belief that President George W. Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney should be impeached for invading Iraq and committing the U.S. to war “illegally.” President Bush and Vice President Cheney, in Kucinich’s view, lied to the American people in their case for preemptive war, not to mention the world, about Iraq having weapons of mass destruction, which they did not.

Mr. Kucinich, a very left-leaning Democrat, attempts to makes the point that the most basic rules of government, as prescribed by the Constitution, were broken when the President sent thousands of young men and women to die in an illegal war. President Bush announced that this war would last several days, or a couple of weeks at most, but it has turned into more than a decade long with thousands of lives lost, both American and Iraqi, and it continues to this day.

As this very short video shows, after presenting his case to the House Judiciary Committee on July 25, 2008, Dennis J. Kucinich’s pressing for an investigation was ignored and shut down by the committee. Mr. Kucinich has continued to disparage the Bush foreign policy dealings. Additionally, during the Presidential election of 2008, Kucinich was the only democratic candidate who had previously voted against invading Iraq. Kucinich doesn’t mention Democrats in Congress and the Senate who supported the war in Iraq in his complaint, however.