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Israel, Iran and the New Neocons

Viewing Iran and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad as a threat, neoconservatives are in fear of Iranian nuclear power. They are in favor of allowing Israel to attack Iran to destroy their nuclear capabilities. Furthermore, they are afraid of the ability of Iran to attack Israel’s defenses.

War hawks are advocating the idea of attacking Iran. The attack would be led by Israel to prevent the country from launching missiles. They believe that Iran has already tested missiles, so Israel must strike preemptively to prevent this from happening and to avoid an attack.

The pro-war voice is being led by John Bolton, a strong supporter of the Iraq war. Him, among others of the neoconservative side, are strongly in favor of attacking the country. They will not allow Iran to obtain nuclear weapons.

Those against attacking Iran are in fear of how Iran may retaliate. Iran might retaliate by launching nuclear missiles at the powers that attack it. Clearly, attacking Iran presents a very clear danger and requires a lot of consideration before moving forward.

Thad Allen advises against attacking Iran. Recognizing the danger of doing so, he simply said “Don’t do it.” This is in response to hearing of the potential dangers of attacking the country.