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Sarah Palin’s Hidden Base

Sarah Palin, the vice-presidential nominee for the Republican Party in 2008, may have concealed a hidden, shadowy constituency that constitutes her true base of popular support. Despite being an openly conservative figure, the former governor of Alaska Sarah Palin has managed to hide a certain sect of supporters whose right-wing views are more taboo that any mainstream ideologue.

The individuals showcased in this documentary lavish Palin with praise while simultaneously fomenting cryptic hatred for opposing points of view and detailing outlandish political principles. These people truly believed their hero had arrived upon learning that she would be their party’s nominee for vice president. In their commendation of Palin, these donors and contributors explicitly perspectives that may surprise some people.

In her acceptance speech, however, she did not mention the causes championed by social conservatives, including the outlawing of abortions. The staples of her political philosophy seem to have become obscured once she ascended onto the national stage. Her supporters are still with her, though, and they devoutly ascribe to the belief that she was hijacking the Republican Party and using it as a vehicle to drive the cause of new social conservatism. The anathema remains hidden.