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Voices from a Raid

Nobody should have to go through what these Latino Americans have went through, especially when they were doing what every other honest American is doing…working to make our country a better place.

How would you feel if you were sleeping in your bed with your children in the next room, and then, all of a sudden, you hear a loud, repeated banging on your door that wakes the entire house? If you were guilty of any crime, you would probably run for your gun or try to escape. But, if you are a hard working painter that is making an honest living, you would just be concerned for the safety of your family.

David Sullivan and Lagan Sebert, the creators of this short documentary, shine light on an issue that needs immediate attention in America today. Even though there are immigrant workers spread out all over this country, there’s no reason to apprehend them like they are violent criminals. The process should be a more subtle one, in which the authorities look at the way they have been living their lives while they were in the U.S. The Latino workers in this film, for example, who were subject to such inappropriate acts by the police, worked for a painting company that helped to do renovations on their governor’s mansion and their statehouse.