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Castaway Voters: Felons in Virginia

A common practice in the United States is to prohibit convicted felons from voting. It is known that 5.3 million individuals have lost the right to vote within the country as a result of conviction. In most states, felons can receive a restoration of their voting rights after redemption through participative contribution in society; however, in Virgina, felons are denied access to the polling booth for life. Unfairly, people are never given the chance to prove their rectification and regain their rights in society.

Efforts to reinstate the ability of felons to vote, even after certain restrictive guidelines are met, are wrongly chided for being a shallow effort to inflate Democratic voter rolls. In fact, it has been a popular Republican idea that was once even supported by President George W. Bush. This proves it is not about political numbers, but instead a matter of personal dignity and honor. Statistics have shown that felons who are allowed to vote relish the opportunity and participate in higher volumes that non-felons. Furthermore, a link has been identified between felons and voting showing a correlation between participating legally in politics and a reduced propensity to commit future crimes. Virginia needs to count them!